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Carrier Film for FPCB Process

Having good chemical resistance, heat resistance and excellebt protective function, it is specially good for carrier film of FPCB process,

Protection Film for Mobile Display

Having stable adhesion property and showing no transfer/residue phenomena, it is good for protecting the LCD surface of mobile display.

Protective film for process

Uesful for die cutting process because of its good processability and no transfer/residue properties.

Protection Film for BLU

Useful for process film. Also good for being used as protection film of LED,glass,PET including BLU

Protection Film for LED Panel

Disigned with variousPOS, it is good for protecting surface of LCD/LED TV from damages while shipment.

Insulation film for battery

Useful for due cutting process because of its good processability and no transfer/residue properties.

Anti-Static Realesing Film

Coated with ICP, it has excellent anti-static property and can be used as a releasing film for various purposes.

Protection Film for Curved Glass

Excellent for protecting curved glass because of its good wetting property, durability and elasticity

Protection Film for TSP sensor

Good for protection film during manufacturing process of TSP like smart phone or tablet PC due to its no transfer/residue of adhesive

Electrical Conductive Tape

This functional tapes for EMI shielding or grounding to protect the malfunction due to electromagetic waves from electro/electric devices

Thermal Conductive Tape

Radiant heat tapes of both heat transfer from heat sink and bonding purposes. Useful for radiant heat and adhesion of LED light or BLU radiant heat.

Tapes for Processes

We are supplying various process tapes and many die cutting products since series of Production facilities from mild, cutting, slitting and die cutting are fully equipped.