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LCD Module Tray [2" ~]

Trays are though vacuum forming process and anti-static function is incorporated.-various selection of anti-static agents

LED Tray

One-stop service from the initial design to final product manufacturing is available. -vertical integration of raw material, design, mold fabrication and thermoforming


We are capable to manufacture the trays of various purpose with realiable inspection facilities, measurement equipments and quality assurance system.

Battert tray
In-processing Panel tray/ PCB tray
Polarizing film tray (POL Box)
  ICP Coated IDP added Methods
Surface Resistivity <10^9Ω/sq. <10^10Ω/sq. ESD STM 11.11
Friction Charge Voltage <100V <100V ESD ADV 11.2
Anti static Semi-permanet Permanet -
(on temp, humidity)
Stable Stable -
Particle generation
(against abrasion)
None None -