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of the coating technology
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of the compound Resin physical
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ESDWORK is able to be a leader of ESD & EMI materials from basic technology to process technology by the partnership with R&D center of KOSTAT.
To be the top of ESD& EMI industry, we develop and improve existing products (Tray etc.) and extend the technology to new industry (FILM)

We will meet our customer’s NEEDS in the future market of electronic industry.

Patent (2014. 08. 31)

ESDWORK has many patents through successful R&D achievements and makes every effort to strength R&D potential.

Section Patent
(including joint patent)
Oversea patent Utility model TOTAL
  24 1 2 27
No. Section Application Product
1 Patent10-0573699 Multilayer Sheet For Protection of LCD Panels
2 Patent 10-0708350 Sheet for protection of LCD panels
3 Patent10-0719451 Single layer Sheet For Protection of LCD Panels
4 Patent10-0808739 Sheet for protection of LCD panels
5 Patent10-0948194 A Pad for protecting glass plate
6 Patent10-0944810 Method of producing multilayer sheet for packaging LCD module and multilayer sheet thereby
7 Patent10-0959688 Anti-Electrostatic bag for packaging LCD
8 Patent10-1011256 Bag for packaging LCD module containing Inherently Dissipative Polymer
9 Patent10-1011257 bag for packaging LCD module
10 Patent10-1011258 Tray For Back Light Unit
11 Patent10-1030334 Tray for battery of various size
12 Patent10-1062992 Tray For Back Light Unit of Various Sizes
13 Patent10-1062993 Floor tile which has the function of anti-tribo charge, and productions thereof
14 Patent10-1071410 Architectural Patterned Tile with Anti-Electrostaticity
15 Patent10-1077257 Case for Polarizer Film
16 Patent10-1107309 Polarization box which has the function of anti-frictional electricity
17 Patent10-1133269 sheet used for heat press bonding
18 Patent10-1133270 Stretch film for packaging
19 Patent10-1071410 Black ink composition with excellent electric insulation and coverness for high density insulating tape and high density black insulating tape using the same
20 Patent10-1160671 Shape steel cover
21 Patent10-1162316 Wall paper for protecting particle adherence
22 Patent10-1185255 Life-line system for staris
23 Patent12-22884 Truck for LCD modules
24 Patent12-22886 housing for LED illumination apparatus and method of producing the same
25 Utility model20-0432242 The shielding bag with the cutting plane which has the function of anti-static electricity
26 Utility model20-0435892 The folded box with four faces semitransparent which has the function of anti-static electricity
27 Patent registration in China ZL
Anti-electrostatic bag for packaging LCD module
Total 27
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