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It’s a honor to receive your query anytime.Please feel to contact us if you have any query regarding on our products and refer to the person in charge as follows.

Part Sales person
Contact Person MOBILE E-MAIL
Large tray (injection, extrusion, assembly) / Distribution and equipment KO, HYUN SUK +82-10-4547-3951
Vacuum molding tray PARK, JEONG HOON +82-10-4118-9522
Sheet/ Packing bag(AL, PE.) LEE, JOO HYUN +82-10-4764-8411
Film(SP, protection film etc.) NAM, HWAN WOO +82-10-5240-9422
Conductive tile LEE, HYUN CHUL +82-10-4076-4665
Silicone(Gap Pad, Spacer panel etc.) KIM, TAE YOUNG +82-10-4517-8573
Secondary cell materials(EV, HEV,ME) LEE, JOO HYUN +82-10-4764-8411
Conductive Coating Solution (Sheet/Tray, Flim) LEE,HYUN CHUL +82-10-4076-4665
Overseas business/overseas corporation LEE,HYUN CHUL +82-10-4076-4665